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Demoiselle Distillery

Creating small batch artisanal Gin, Absinthe, Rum, Vodka and Limoncello using botanicals grown on our property. Located in the central tablelands of New South Wales we are Australia's first dedicated absinthe distillery.

You can purchase Demoiselle Absinthe through our Online Store.
We are also on the menu of several Absinthe bars:
Absinthia (Melbourne, Australia)
Bad Frankie (Melbourne, Australia)
Bar Ampere (Melbourne, Australia)
Dog & Monacle (Nowra (NSW), Australia)
Papa Gede's (Sydney, Australia)


with consideration

All Demoiselle Distillery spirits are proudly Australian made. We carefully select botanicals for flavour and aroma before harvesting at precise times for ideal taste. Our spirits are distilled using traditional pot distillation - five times over for absolute purity. Our pot still uses both copper and silver to purify our spirits, making it truly one of a kind. Over a decade of research has gone into creating Demoiselle Distillery's range of spirits.

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